Animal Stories
Series Pilot
Role: Story, Design, and Animation
Francis is a psychologist but not the regular one, she sees animals with different traumas and processes seeking for a better life and mental health. Animals live and interact together with humans and monsters in this world, where fiction and reality merge. They grow and face life together, trying to cope with society.
Some Sketches for Backgrounds and Finals
Some Character Designs
Beautifool - Sync Floyd Cee Lo Green
Music Video
Role: Story, Design and Animation
On a chaotic planet, consumed by capitalism, media and consumerism, Cee-Lo Green and Doggy are looking for their missing friend, Pppy. In the search, they must confront Vani, a malevolent social media influencer who enjoys the fame and the suffering of animals. A breakdance battle will decide everyone ́s future. 
Short Film Version
Very First Idea Storyboard (nothing to do with the final one)
Character Design Guides
Some Final Layouts
"General Streik - Cambodia Edition"
Music Video
Role: Design, Animation
Animation portraying some hero musicians like Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Serey Sothea, Pen Ran, and Baksey Cham Krong, who despite the Khmer Rouge regime and the Cambodia genocide - where any type of self-expression was forbidden -  risked their lives by still making music.
Fist Sketch
Fist Sketch
Second Sketch
Second Sketch
Final Layout
Final Layout
The Amazing World of Gumball, The Principals - Cartoon Network
Video Game
Role: Clean Up Animation
Gumball is one of my favorite cartoons and II had the luck to do the cleanup animation for a Gumball’s video game. The animation was made by Sebastian Villareal. 
Girls Of War - HIERROanimacion
Animated Series
Role: Rotoscope Animation and Art Direction
The Girls of the War is a documentary animated TV series. It shows the life stories of girls who were part of irregular army groups in Colombia and now are disengaged from the conflict. Each story inquires into worlds of memories, nightmares, and dreams.
More about the project:​​​​​​​
Old Folk Tales - HIERROanimacion
Animated Series
Role: Rotoscope Animation
Old Folks’ Tales is a transmedia project which is a collection of stories of older people about their childhood. Through an animated TV series and an online collaborative platform, kids from all over the world share their old folk tales. The project is centered on the poetic narration of stories.
Al Tiempo - Las Añéz
Music Video
Role: Design, Animation
Twin sisters from Latin America, combine folklore and contemporary music.
Water is a human Right - Viva con Agua, Leona Berlin, Craig G, Sync Floyd
Music Video
Role: Story, Design, Animation​​​​​​​
What is a Ph.D.? - AbeCol x Óscar Moreno
Animated Series
Role: Rotoscope Animation
This Mograph Animation was made for The Association of Colombian Scholars, seeks to explain what a Ph.D. consists of and what is the current situation with Doctoral programs in Colombia.
The Association of Colombian Scholars (ABeCol) is an initiative of Colciencias scholars for doctoral studies in the United Kingdom. They promote research in science, technology, and innovation.
The Biochemistry of Emotions
Animated Documentary
Role: Script, Design, Animation
This was super interesting and fun work to do. It was a short documentary series divided into two episodes, explaining how our feelings are formed in our body, due to different hormones and chemistry.
Urban Place Apparel
Animated Commercial
Role: Design, Animation
Clothes store in my Hometown, Bucaramanga. Informing customers about their payment conveniences.
House Pop-Up Animation
MoGraph Excercise
Role: Design, Animation
The time when I started learning motion graphics.
The Prettiest Man on Earth
Animated Shortfilm
Role: Story, Design, Animation
One of my very first animations. The topic is kind of red flaggy for me now but I’m glad I have changed and evolved as a person and also my work.
Cockroach Prices
Animated Very Short-Shortfilm
Role: Design, Animation
When I used to study film back in Colombia, each semester we would celebrate “The Cockroach Prices”. Where we rewarded the worst student films of that semester. It was mostly a screening party full of laughs and jokes, trying not to take our work and ourselves too seriously. 
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